Department of dentistry and aesthetic dentistry

The department of dentistry and aesthetic dentistry at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul provides medical services for correcting and treating pathologies of the teeth, gums and oral cavity. The department has a modern infrastructure, advanced dental equipment and excellent specialists who know how to restore dental health and return a beautiful smile to the patient. Innovative computer systems make it possible to simulate the expected result of a particular procedure so that the patient is satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. The department's medical team uses high-quality drugs for pain relief during dental procedures, which provides the patient with maximum comfort and eliminates pain. If it is necessary to install dental implants, fillings, veneers or crowns, dentists use only high-quality materials that will last the patient for decades.

The path to a beautiful smile is through shiny, well-groomed, well-placed teeth. Dentists perform various procedures to treat and correct dark teeth, bulging gums when smiling, missing teeth, complaints of discontinuity or involvement of teeth, and many other pathologies. When creating a beautiful smile, doctors consider the patient's age, gender, gums, lips and facial contours to apply the most appropriate planning.

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