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Istanbul, Turkey
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Department of plastic surgery

Prof. Dr. Gurhan Ozcan
plastic surgery
The department of plastic surgery at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul provides a full range of aesthetic surgical procedures, as well as aesthetic procedures to improve appearance. The department's specialists have excellent qualifications and rich experience to ensure the best result for each patient. One of the m
Dr. Ergin Er image

Department of hair transplant

Dr. Ergin Er
plastic surgery, hair transplantation
The department of hair transplant at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul specializes in hair restoration using the original follicles of a person who has lost hair. Doctors extract hair follicles from the back of the ears, an area resistant to hair loss, and transplant them into a hairless area. The hair grows back because
Dr. Aylin Turan image

Department of dentistry and aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Aylin Turan
The department of dentistry and aesthetic dentistry at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul provides medical services for correcting and treating pathologies of the teeth, gums and oral cavity. The department has a modern infrastructure, advanced dental equipment and excellent specialists who know how to restore dental heal
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