Department of foot surgery

The department of foot surgery at Academic Hospital Schlosspark Charlottenburg Berlin has its motto: "Life is mobility. Mobility is life". The department aims to give patients the possibility of pain-free walking and wearing shoes because foot diseases can significantly limit the quality of humanʼs life. After years of professional and successful work in the direction of foot malpositions and deformities treatment, the head of the department was recognised by the German Society for Foot Surgery as an expert foot surgeon. The whole team of the department's surgeons collects highly motivated, qualified and experienced specialists.  

The foot surgery department treats the most common reasons for foot pain and immobility, such as fractures, bone spurs, bunions, etc. Minimal invasive and gentle surgical techniques are performed using additional nerve blockage, so patients have high chances of pain-free recovery. After the operation, doctors and physiotherapists control the surgery results and provide foot gymnastics for the patients to stand on their own feet more quickly. 

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