Department of cardiology

The department of cardiology at Academic Hospital Schlosspark Charlottenburg Berlin offers qualified medical help in the treatment of chronic cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular emergencies. The department in works in cooperation with the cardiology department at Park-Clinic Weissensee Berlin. As a result, doctors save about 2,500 lives from sudden cardiac events yearly in both locations. The department is equipped with a modern rescue centre, intensive care unit, diagnostic centre, cardiac catheter labour and comfort bed wards. In addition, experienced specialists organise consultation hours for patients, where they provide diagnostics or give treatment advice. An extensive cardiological check-up is offered at the department at the highest standards.

The focus of the department is based on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, mainly coronary disease, heart valve diseases, heart anomalies, etc. The spectrum of the department's medical routines includes cardiac pacemaker implantation. In addition, cardiologists are proud of cardiac catheter systems to diagnose and treat coronary heart disease. The department is open around the clock for emergencies, such as heart attacks, myocardial infarction, etc.

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