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Academic Hospital Neuwerk Monchengladbach

Academic Hospital Neuwerk Monchengladbach

Monchengladbach, Germany
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Academic Hospital Neuwerk Monchengladbach is a modern multi-speciality hospital known outside the region and a leader in its experience. For over 125 years, the hospital has been the focal point in Monchengladbach and beyond. The house is closely connected with its Catholic roots and cultivates them when working with patients.Every year more than 600 employees serve 26,200 outpatients and almost 15,000 inpatients. The house has 310 beds. The size allows "short distance medicine" and a family work environment. The single and double rooms of Neuwerk Hospital are equipped according to German standards. Moreover, the patient can stay at the clinic even during outpatient treatment. The specialise

About Monchengladbach

Monchengladbach is a beautiful modern city located in the western part of Germany. About 250,000 people live permanently in it. It surprisingly combines modern urban features and natural charm. Despite many inhabitants, the city is characterised by a measured and laid-back rhythm of life.

One of the main historical symbols of the city is St. Vitus Basilica. It is a preserved part of the old Benedictine monastery. The church was built in the 12th century on the site of an earlier one, and it took more than a hundred years to make it. The main cultural centre is the modern art museum called Abteiberg. The city has many beautiful parks and gardens. You can choose a lovely place for outdoor recreation at any time. One of the most picturesque gardens is the Volksgarten. It is vast and has a variety of landscapes. Travellers with children and nature lovers will be interested in visiting the Tiergarten Mönchengladbach zoo located in the city.

Monchengladbach has a long football tradition. The city's home football club, Borussia Mönchengladbach, is one of the country's most famous, supported, and successful teams. In addition, the city has many institutions of higher learning in the fields of social affairs, textile and clothing technology, and economics. The healthcare system also includes public and private clinics. For example, the Academic Hospital Neuwerk is a modern multi-speciality clinic that provides its services around the clock.

Monchengladbach is one of Germany's most unusual, quiet and pretty cities. Tourists can enjoy a walk through the central square, shopping, various attractions, restaurants and cafes.

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