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University Hospital Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg

University Hospital Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg

Magdeburg, Germany
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University Hospital Magdeburg is one of the top hospitals in Germany that offers maximum care for the full range of medical services, education, and research. The hospital and the Medical Faculty of the Otto von Guericke University form the University Medical Center Magdeburg. It was founded in 1891. As the largest medical centre in northern Saxony, it consists of over 25 specialized departments with a bed capacity of 1,100 beds. The medical team, consisting of more than 4100 employees, treats over 47000 inpatients and 247000 outpatients annually. Furthermore, the hospital collaborates closely with neighbouring hospitals and specialists and educates many medical students. In addition, t

About Magdeburg

Magdeburg, which is 1200 years old, is one of the oldest cities in Germany's eastern federal states. Its exciting past, as well as its present, is reflected in the many attractions that the city on the Elbe has to offer.

The city's most significant cultural and historical building can be seen for miles around: the Cathedral of Saints Maurice and Catherine with its imposing towers. Cathedral is one of the most spectacular architectural monuments of central Germany, the most famous landmark of the city and the first Gothic cathedral in Germany. Another attraction is the Green Citadel, the work of the artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The Museum of Natural History, the Art Museum at the Monastery of Our Lady and the Museum of Cultural History are all exhibitions of international importance. The city's theatrical, literary and musical scenes are vast and varied, as are the numerous shops of Magdeburg.

There are two public universities in Magdeburg - the Otto von Guericke University and the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal. Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg is one of the youngest educational institutions in Germany, founded in 1993. Despite its young age, the University Hospital Otto-von-Guericke is one of the leading medical institutions in the field of neurology and immunology in Germany and Europe. Magdeburg is also a renowned modern manufacturing centre with employment opportunities in the steel, paper, textile, chemical and engineering industries. Magdeburg has a glorious history of sports teams, of which football has proven to be the most popular. FC Magdeburg is the only East German football club to win the European Cup Winners' Cup.

Magdeburg is quite a diverse city with a lot of things to do. The city has a great combination of historic districts, museums, galleries and theatres with various pubs and nightclubs. Magdeburg leaves pleasant memories of itself and the desire to return.

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