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Asklepios Hospital Lindau

Asklepios Hospital Lindau

Lindau, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Lindau is a modern multidisciplinary clinic that offers comprehensive medical care. The medical centre has provided emergency hospital care in and around Lindau for over 100 years. Modern medicine, patient care and human attention are the focus of the Asklepios Hospital in Lindau.The medical staff comprises more than 400 employees, each with higher medical education. Doctors work in 7 specialized departments and three centres. The clinic serves over 17,000 patients a year with a total capacity of 110 beds. All rooms are designed for three people and have a comfortable sanitary area, TV and Internet access. Many of the clinic's rooms have a fantastic view of Lake Constance.

About Lindau

Lindau, located in the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and thus in the heart of Europe, is the most southwestern city of the Free State of Bavaria and an important tourist centre on Lake Constance. The city has about 25,000 inhabitants. The world-famous island city is essential for tourism and has a good reputation as an attractive commercial destination with good transport links.

The old town of Lindau has primarily retained its medieval character and has many historical sights. The Old Town Hall in the island's heart is one of the most important. Today it houses the former Imperial City Library on the ground floor, a treasure trove of books from several centuries that was recently beautifully presented. Lindau's landmark is the world-famous harbour entrance with a lighthouse and a Bavarian lion. Other attractions are the city's medieval towers, the two main churches of St. Stephen and the Cathedral of Our Lady, and the 1000-year-old St. Peter's Church.

In the field of international conferences, Lindau has made a name for itself with the meeting of Nobel Prize winners, which has been held since 1951. The world's best scientists in medicine, chemistry and physics meet annually in constant rotation to exchange ideas with selected representatives of student youth from around the world. The city also has been a transit point for the Germany Bicycle Tour for several years. In addition, the Lindau Stadium has hosted several international athletics competitions. It is noteworthy that many professional athletes choose Asklepios Hospital Lindau to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The clinic's medical team has many years of experience and offers highly qualified services for residents of Germany and Europe.

Art, history, tradition, cosiness and cosmopolitanism have long made Lindau an attractive destination for tourists worldwide. The former free imperial city offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation. There is so much to see, discover and explore. Small, romantic, winding streets, traditional gastronomy, old historical trading companies and shops, and open and hospitable residents attract visitors and guests.

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