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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade

Lehmrade, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade began its history in 1959 when a 40-bed oncology rehabilitation center was opened. Since then, the hospital has been gaining momentum and expanding. Currently, gastroenterological patients are also served here, and the number of beds has tripled to 129.Annually, the rehabilitation center accepts 1,500 patients. The cozy countryside with forests and abundant nature mainly attracts patients with numerous outdoor activities and a peaceful atmosphere.Much attention is paid to psychological problems and individual patient support. Doctors conduct motivational and practical training courses on sleep disorders, weight loss, smoking cessation, and relaxation. EMD

About Lehmrade

Lemrade is located in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, Schleswig-Holstein. The city was popular among hunters and constantly underwent numerous changes. The direction of health tourism brought the most incredible popularity and contributed to the area's increasing popularity.

Lemrade is primarily rural and famous for its lakeside camping and extraordinary nature. Campers return here for several years for new experiences and stress relief. But it is worth noting that nature is not limited only to this recreation area. In the north, the municipality borders the nature reserve "Oldenburg See", with one of the most significant resting places of cranes, which has become a tangible symbol of the city and is depicted on the coat of arms. In addition to enjoying nature on foot, cycling, horse riding, swimming, and fishing are popular here.

Since 1957, German Cancer Aid has contributed to opening the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Lehmrade. Currently, it is one of the oldest rehabilitation facilities for cancer patients. As early as 1924, the city tried to occupy the field of rehabilitation medicine and began its journey with a year-round dietary sanatorium that offered detox and hydrotherapy with grape greenhouses on the territory. But later, it suffered a financial collapse, turned into a training center, a home and refugees, finally found its niche, took on a modern look, and became successful.

Restoration, rehabilitation, and harmony with nature are part of Lehmrade and strongly characterize it. Patients of the rehabilitation center, campers, and just tourists get peace and comfort during their stay and recharge their batteries.

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