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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Kipfenberg

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Kipfenberg

Kipfenberg, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Kipfenberg was opened in 1993 as an innovation center. Today it is a specialized neurological clinic with a center for people with paraplegia. During its existence, the hospital was expanded twice and became a leading structure in the field of restoration of body functions.The modern building with a view of the mountains accommodates 135 places for patients. Rehabilitators have everything to treat patients with severe illnesses in intensive care shortly after the acute phase. It has been proven that the earlier patients start rehabilitation, the more progress they make. Kipfenberg VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic also accepts patients with neurosurgical and neurologica

About Kipfenberg

Kipfenberg is a small town in Upper Bavaria with 6,000 people. The city is part of the Altmullalb natural area. Wooded and rocky mountains, numerous castles, and observation decks filled the hearts of tourists worldwide.

The town, originally built around a market square, was well-fortified with gates and towers. It was first mentioned in a document of 1266. Numerous churches and local architecture have been preserved from those times and provide a unique atmosphere. Rich culture and active social life are the main characteristics of the city. The first Limes Festival was held in 1968 and started the Kippenberg Carnival tradition with spectacular costumes and distinctive traditional rituals. Also, the support of sports activities and an ecological lifestyle are harmoniously combined with two intercity cycling routes passing through the city (German Limes and Altmuhltalradweg). The Linden Road also runs through the city, allowing explore 60 crucial Roman UNESCO sites. Also, evening walks can be supplemented with delicious dinners in restaurants or visit CO-Muller exhibitions for daytime variety.

Prof. medical Hans Eric Klar and Dr. medical doctor Rudolf Preger, who has worked in the city since the mid-1980s, came together with the idea of ​​opening early neurological rehabilitation. Such a direction was an absolute novelty for Germany, which came in handy and already, in 1992, became a reality. VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Kipfenberg has been one of the leading rehabilitation centers in neurology since its inception. Today, the city is known for selling high-quality farm products and for employment in the field of beekeeping.

Despite its small area, the city's history and events are rich and vital to German culture. Tourists visit the city more often, appreciating the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fairy tale and ancient support traditions.

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