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Helios Psychiatry Clinics Hildburghausen

Helios Psychiatry Clinics Hildburghausen

Hildburghausen, Germany
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Helios Psychiatry Clinics Hildburghausen is an advanced private centre founded in 1866 with a rich history. As a military hospital, it developed rapidly during the First and Second World Wars and was later requalified for psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care in a modern renovated building in 2014.The clinic area with 446 beds includes departments for child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychosomatics and neurology. In addition, the dispensary for forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy has 128 beds and a house for people with disabilities with 48 beds. In 2018, the hospital management completed repairing the departments of adult and youth psychiatry and opened a professional psyc

About Hildburghausen

Hildburghausen is a beautiful city located about halfway between the Rhine mountain ranges and the Thuringian Forest and is heavily wooded with hilly terrain in Germany. In 1353, the Hildburghausen estates were inherited by the Landgrave of Wettin, Friedrich III of Thuringia, and under the Treaty of Leipzig in 1485, they became part of the Ernestine Duchies. A more detailed city history can be found in the local Stadtmuseum.

The city's biggest attraction is the chirotherium monument (Triassic fossil consisting of five-toed dinosaur footprints) in recognition of the first scientific characterisation of the fossil tetrapod. The memorial consists of a wall showing a reconstruction of the original knee-bearing slab on which the definition of tetrapod was based. The original fossils are kept in about 30 collections across Europe. The sandstone in which these traces are preserved is about 240 million years old. Chirotherium was probably a representative of early archosaurs, the ancestors of birds, crocodiles and dinosaurs.

Hildburghausen also has a hospital with a history of more than 150 years. In 1866, a state clinic was established as the "State Asylum, Sanatorium and Home for the Aged of the Duchy-Saxony-Meiningen", with approximately 100 beds. Before, due to the popularity and quality of medical care, the bed fund was gradually increased to 800 beds due to the construction of additional buildings and the purchase of buildings. In 2014, there was a change of ownership to the well-known Helios Group and the name "Helios Fachkliniken Hildburghausen".

Although the city, at first glance, does not have many architectural monuments and a great history, it still attracts with its curiosities and medical services amid forests and mountains. Moreover, the centre of delicious national cuisine with narrow romantic streets and local landscapes will remain in the heart for a long time.

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