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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hagen-Ambrock

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hagen-Ambrock

Hagen, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hagen-Ambrock is located in the middle of a fantastic forest with its park and pond. Beautiful nature and coniferous air contribute to a pleasant rest and exercise outside. Also, it diversifies the stay with numerous excursions and activities.The rehabilitation clinic serves 2,000 patients on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The general rehabilitation and intensive care units accommodate 194 beds provided by 700 employees. A long time ago, in 1903, the clinic building was opened as a lung sanatorium. The constant development and expansion of services allowed the center to become a pioneer in treating sleep apnea with the largest sleep laboratory in Europe. Coope

About Hagen

Hagen is the largest city in South Westphalia, with almost 200,000. Almost half of the city's territory is covered by forests, and 4 rivers cross here: Ruhr, Lenne, Volme, and Ennepe. In addition, the mountainous region of Sauerland stretches out in the neighborhood and contributes to the city's clean, fresh air. Beautiful nature and many museums make the city more and more popular for recreation and health.

The city has been known since the beginning of the 13th century and was part of the County of Mark, the Margrave of Brandenburg, and the Prussian province of Westphalia. The open-air LWL-Freilichtmuseum tells the story of the development of Hagen. It became more popular with the development of the industry. Both children and adults have the opportunity to visit workshops and make souvenirs with their own hands. In addition, here you can try typical Westphalian dishes and desserts. Three castles, Schloss Hohensyburg, Wasserschloss Werdringen, and Schloss Hohenlimburg, can be admired during sunset walks. The majestic architecture gives a unique romantic charm and immerses in the life of counts and princes. In addition, the Keltic Festival Hagen, a festival of Celtic music, is full of traditions of German culture and activities for the whole family.

Hagen is a particular city with special education status. Here is the only correspondence university in Germany. In addition, the town is the homeland of abstract artist Emil Schumacher. Another point of interest is the 24 nature reserves, including the valley of the Kisly Epscheid stream. Such features contributed to the city's division into smaller districts for developing rural tourism and opening numerous recreation areas. The Ambrok district has a more rural character and continues the traditions of past generations to this day. Thanks to its rich natural resources and clean air, a lung sanatorium for tuberculosis and pneumoconiosis patients was opened in 1903. The health center was later renovated and transformed into the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Hagen-Ambrock for neurological, neurosurgical rehabilitation, and pneumology with Europe's largest sleep laboratory.

Active recreation with historical curiosities and delicious food in the fresh air has long become essential characteristics of German cities for recreation, including Hagen. Everyone can find an atmosphere to their taste: full of activities in the center or the suburbs without too much fuss.

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