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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Geesthacht

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Geesthacht

Geesthacht, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Geesthacht is a rehabilitation center with a rich history. Doctors work with patients up to 25 years old with neurological and orthopedic diseases. The hospital provides outpatient and inpatient services to more than 100 patients.As early as 1912, a sanatorium for women was established in the building of Geesthacht VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic. Later it was used as a hospital for refugees under British and German administrations and the military. Since 1985, the territory has been reorganizing and expanding to rehabilitate children with brain injuries. With time, the center has acquired its current functionality and appearance, with 175 seats. Nowadays, more than 2

About Geesthacht

Geesthacht is a cozy city in Germany, right on the banks of the Elbe. During its existence, the city was part of the French Empire, which left its cultural heritage. Currently, the population is 32,000 people.

The city is full of events and places for active recreation. Here you can swim in the open-air pool, walk along the hiking trails through the ropeway, go on boat tours or spend time with the whole family on the ropeway. Cultural centers contribute to the development of mass youth and offer a rich program. The world's first Diddle exhibition at the GeesthachtMuseum! had an attendance record: 64,000 people in 2 and a half months. The Kleines Theater Schillerstraße GmbH is also available with a program update every 2 weeks supplemented by arthouse films. Numerous festivals with dragon boat races, music on the terrace, as well as excursions to the territory of the dynamite and black powder factory will not let you get bored and leave pleasant memories and unforgettable impressions.

The city reached its peak in 1850-1880. In 1865, chemist Alfred Nobel bought land in Krummel and built the first nitroglycerin factory in Germany. The following year, he invented dynamite and built the first dynamite factory on the continent. Also, in 1899, Edmund Simers donated a sanatorium for poor tuberculosis patients, which was used as a military clinic during the Second World War. This sanatorium sets the stage for the expansion of medical services. In 1912, the construction of the sanatorium Susannenhaus, which is currently known as the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Geesthacht, was also completed. It is a specialized neurological clinic and neurological rehabilitation center for children, adolescents, and young people under 25 years of age. Now Geesthacht is becoming the most extensive research and energy center in the north of Germany and is actively developing.

The attractive historic tourist town of Geesthacht is a suitable place for cultural enlightenment, exploration of Germany's past, and varied recreation. A relaxing atmosphere and delicious national food are a nice bonus.

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