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Rehabilitation Katharina-Schroth Clinic Asklepios Bad Sobernheim

Rehabilitation Katharina-Schroth Clinic Asklepios Bad Sobernheim

Bad Sobernheim, Germany
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Rehabilitation Katharina-Schroth Clinic Asklepios Bad Sobernheim is a private orthopaedic centre for treating scoliosis and other spinal diseases. In the 1960s, in Germany near the Nachtigallental reserve, the cornerstone of the successful three-dimensional treatment of scoliosis according to the method of courageous Katarina Schroth was laid.The hospital serves 2,500 patients annually and comprises various departments, sections and zones. The hospital is recognized as a model of inclusiveness and care for patients with disabilities. Also, in addition to treatment, since 1980, the centre's specialists have been conducting a practical 8-day Schroth training course, which provides a balanced c

About Bad Sobernheim

Bad Sobernheim is recognized as a state health resort of the Nahe Glan community in Germany. The city is shrouded by forest and mountains, which create incredible scenery. The town is primarily known for its winemaking and the world-renowned naturopathic doctor Emanuel Felke, who made the city famous far beyond the country's borders.

In addition to the rich nature, the city has an exciting architecture with low houses, among which are scattered numerous historical monuments, such as the Evangelical Parish Church of St. Matthias, consecrated around the year 1000 in the Romanesque style, and the Catholic Neo-Gothic Church of St. Matthew, which was built in 1898 by master Ludwig Becker. In the church, tourists can see the historically famous and massive organ of 1901 by Michael Kerfer.

From 1832, along with local agriculture and a wide range of crafts, the small-scale industry began to develop. Winemaking has also been flourishing in the city for a long time and is called the Garden of Eden. Many winegrowers also have their restaurants with traditional vine Riesling. Next to wine tourism is primarily health tourism, an essential economic factor in the area. Despite structural changes in the conventional bathing industry in the 1990s and stagnant visitor numbers, the health tourism proposition is becoming increasingly important due to demographic changes. Since 1915, pastor Emanuel Felke, a representative of naturopathy, worked in Bad Sobernheim. His treatment is still used today in numerous spas. Continuing the town's traditions, the Rehabilitation Katharina-Schroth Clinic Asklepios Bad Sobernheim 1960 combines the knowledge of local doctors and modern researched scientific methods of treating orthopaedic back problems, including the Katharina-Schroth method.

The historic town of Bad Sobernheim lures patients from all over the city with its rich resources and endless scenery. The atmosphere of a country vacation prevails here, where with a glass of delicious wine, it will be pleasant to spend the evenings listening to the singing of birds and the view of nature and ancient churches.

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