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Academic Hospital Asklepios Uckermark Schwedt

Academic Hospital Asklepios Uckermark Schwedt

Schwedt, Germany
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Academic Hospital Asklepios Uckermark Schwedt is a modern medical institution specializing in the whole range of surgical and internal medicine procedures, including geriatric medicine. Thanks to the variety of services in the clinic, both patients with acute, sudden illnesses and patients with chronic diseases are treated, as well as receive postoperative care.With 344 inpatient beds and 770 employees, the medical centre is the largest medical facility in the Uckermark area. Every year, the clinic treats about 92,000 outpatients and 15,000 inpatients, of which 4,000 are children. Highly qualified surgeons perform more than 6,000 operations per year. All senior doctors have many years of pro

About Schwedt

Schwedt is one of the largest municipalities in Germany. The city went through an exciting and challenging path in the 20th century, during which its appearance changed two times. Wide streets, restored panel houses - this is how residents and guests see the city. Although the cityscape looks very modern, Schwedt is over 740 years old.

One of Schwedt's most beautiful buildings is the Stadtnuhle Soap Factory of Theodor Hahn. The estate attracts attention with its steep roof, pointed bay window in the form of a tower and a beautiful half-timbered pediment. Other places of interest in Schwedt include the District Court, the former French Reformed Berlishki Pavilion, the European Huguenot Park and the Julius Tower. In addition to the city's monuments, it is worth seeing works of art such as fountains, sculptures, bas-reliefs and stelae.

Between the Oder and the Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthal waterway lies an almost natural meadow landscape with a richness of flora and fauna that is extremely rare in Central Europe. In 1995, the area was declared the Lower Oder Valley National Park. The cultural landscape of the city of Schwedt is shaped by the theatres of the Uckermark in Schwedt, the music and art school, the gallery and museums, the city library and more than 20 cultural groups and associations. In 1973, the largest medical facility in the Uckermark district was opened in Schwedt. Today Academic Hospital Asklepios Uckermark Schwedt provides first-class medical services for more than 100,000 patients.

Schwedt can rightly be called a "city in the countryside" as it is next to Brandenburg's only national park. A small cosy town invites tourists to get acquainted with the rich and fascinating historical past, visit the sights and monuments of architecture, as well as improve their health in the modern private clinic Asklepios.

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