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Helios Hospital Koethen

Helios Hospital Koethen

Koethen, Germany
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Helios Hospital Koethen was founded as a municipal institution in 1861 and has a long history. Since 2014, the clinic has started its rapid development with Helios, renovated buildings and updated high-tech equipment. Such investment steps have already resulted in a significant increase in the quality of service but also in the expansion of services and education for global customers.The medical centre provides 264 beds and serves 23,000 patients in 6 departments. About 400 babies are born in the modern maternity ward every year, and about 200 hip and knee endoprostheses are implanted in the current clinic. Also, in collaboration with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, the academic t

About Koethen

Koethen is the historic capital of the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld in Saxony-Anhalt, with 25,000 inhabitants. The city is an island of education, culture and art for tourists, luring them with its entertainment and attractions. Johann Sebastian Bach wrote here, among other things, several of his concertos.

A significant contribution to local architecture was made by the court architect Gottfried Bandhauer, who built in the 1820s the masterful vault of the Hall of Mirrors of the Ludwigsbau palace, which was suspended on chains, as well as the Ferdinandsbau castle complex, the monastery and hospital of the Brothers of Mercy and the Catholic Church of St. Mary. Since 1967, Koethen has hosted the "Kothener Bach Festival", which offers a rich concert program in the castle's historical premises and the city's churches. In 1954, the 1st Carnival Society Koethen was founded, which became one of the region's carnival centres. For family activities and genuine animal lovers, the zoo of 1884, home to about 800 animals of 135 species, is a good choice.

The city is primarily known for the founder of homoeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, and the headquarters of the World Homоеpathic Medical Association, which is why the city is sometimes called the world capital of homoeopathy. From 1821 to 1834, the famous Hahnemann worked as the prince's physician in Koethen, where numerous of his most well-known works were written. In 1861, a municipal hospital was opened here, which is now transformed into Helios Hospital Koethen and serves 23,000 patients worldwide. The hospital is not only a recognized centre for endoprosthesis and treatment of hernias but also plays an essential social role in the city's life. In collaboration with Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, the academic teaching hospital Helios studies specialists from more than 5 medical fields.

Despite its history associated with homoeopathy, the city is famous for its magnificent scientific curiosities and natural German-level quality medicine. In addition, numerous festivals, majestic architecture, and nature centres are excellent addition to the city.

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