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Helios Hospital Idstein

Helios Hospital Idstein

Idstein, Germany
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Helios Hospital Idstein, founded in 1905 as a city hospital, is a traditional primary healthcare clinic of national importance. Helios has owned the medical centre since the end of 2005, and a modern new building was commissioned in 2008.With a total capacity of 80 beds, 4,000 inpatients and 7,500 outpatients are treated at the medical centre each year. About 150 employees of the Helios clinic daily offer innovative methods and treatment techniques. A balanced and varied menu in the hospital takes into account individual preferences in food and diets prescribed by the doctor.To live up to the high reputation of Helios Clinics, the medical centre combines medical experience with service and f

About Idstein

Idstein is a charming and wonderful city, located right in the centre of Germany on the edge of the Taunus hills, about 300 meters high. The territory of Idstein has been inhabited since the beginning of the Common Era. The ring rampart's remains and the castle's ruins testify to the existence of a fortification here in the early Middle Ages.

The historic centre of the Idstein Old Town in Germany is known for its small streets and countless frame houses. The picturesque ensemble of buildings from the Chancellor to the "Tower of the Witches" was created between 1497 and 1588 and served representative, administrative and residential purposes. The fortress, the Witch's Tower, is the oldest building in Idstein and dates from around 1170. In the City Museum, Killingerhaus, tourists can not only enjoy the view of Idstein's most beautiful square, the Konig-Adolf-Platz but also get to know the unique feeling of space in a majestic half-timbered house. The museum's focus is urban development, school history, bourgeois and rural environments, and crafts. In addition, on two walls of the museum, visitors can see the interchangeable works of the famous artist from Idstein, Ernst Toepfer.

The inhabitants of Idstein already in the 19th century aspired to comprehensive education, and today the offer ranges from kindergartens to universities. Not least because of this, Idstein can proudly call itself a "university town". Idstein has a lot to offer in sports and leisure thanks to its many recreational facilities and the rich sports and cultural offers from clubs and associations. Protecting and maintaining residents' health is the city's central task. A private clinic of the Helios group operates in Idstein. The medical centre offers first-class diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to maintain patients' health.

The city does not cease to develop and offers tourists a variety of pastimes, from visiting historical monuments to walking through fashionable restaurants.

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