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Academic Hospital Helios Hettstedt

Academic Hospital Helios Hettstedt

Hettstedt, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Hettstedt was built in 1870 as a hospital for miners in a half-timbered structure. Over the years, the hospital has experienced numerous transformations and is located in a modern building that impresses its scale and number of services. Since 2009, it has belonged to the Helios Clinic Group, the largest hospital operator in Europe. The most popular are psychiatric and neurological care, endoprosthetics and a trauma centre.In a large area, the hospital has 272 beds, eight departments, and serves 20,000 people a year. Helios Hospital in Hettstedt works closely with the network's regional clinics and provides a psychiatry and psychotherapy clinic with 75 inpatient and

About Hettstedt

Hettstedt is a cosy town in Germany with a population of 13,000 and is known for its early copper mining and non-ferrous metallurgy. The city is located on the southwest edge of the Harz Mountains in the Wipper Valley, with an open-air swimming pool and numerous small gardens. The district consists mainly of two- to three-story buildings, which adds comfort and distinguishes it from other cities with its calm pace and friendly residents. However, due to the profitable mining and smelting of copper and silver, the city's population overgrew due to immigration.

Among the historical monuments in the city is the ancient Gangolf Church, which, according to legend, was built where the first copper was found. In the Burghorner district, tourists can also visit the fascinating museum of the history of copper shale mining Mansfeld and the majestic Humboldt Castle. Nearby is a copy of the first German steam engine built by German workers and engineers in 1785 based on Watt's model. In the northern piece is the Saigertor gate from 1535, which opens the way to the Freimarkt, Wiederstedt and Aschersleben and is a city symbol. Tierpark Walbeck Zoo is located in the wooded Walbke Valley for family vacations. It is also worth noting that looking at the development of the town and the quality of Wipper water has improved so much that ducks, fish and nutria inhabit the city's territory.

The city is an educational centre of the region. The Kolping Vocational Training Center, the Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium Gottstedt, the Kolping Vocational Training Center, and the School for the Mentally Retarded and Children with Learning Disabilities are located in the city. Academic Hospital Helios Hettstedt has served miners from neighbouring regions and city workers since 1870. Currently, it is a modern medical centre that provides a wide range of services and covers the needs of the entire area. The clinic is a recognized leader in psychiatric and neurological care, as well as in joint replacement and trauma care.

Guests of the city can take a break from the city noise in a cosy place among gardens and wealthy nature in Hettstedt. Numerous delicious cafeterias, museums and rich history complement the atmosphere of quality rest.

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