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Academic Hospital Helios Weisseritztal Freital

Academic Hospital Helios Weisseritztal Freital

Freital, Germany
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The Academic Hospital Helios Weisseritztal Freital is a general hospital in the idyllic Ore Mountains of Saxon Switzerland, just ten kilometres from the city centre of Dresden. The hospital's philosophy is to work with the latest patient-centred tools and see the whole person achieve the best patient care results. The hospital has a wide range of services mainly focusing on surgery, orthopaedics and internal medicine.More than 680 employees treat about 17,000 inpatients and about 40,000 outpatients every year. In the maternity hospital clinic, more than 500 babies are born yearly. The Helios Weisseritztal Clinic is a 340-bed emergency hospital with standard care and an academic teachin

About Freital

Freital is a lively district town located in the heart of Saxony. The city of Freital is a significant county town and is directly adjacent to the city of Dresden.

The symbol of Freital is the 351-meter Windberg, which is visible from afar. The King Albert Monument, a 17-metre-high sandstone obelisk, greets visitors to the city from afar on top of the Windberg. Burgk Castle in Freital has always delighted visitors and guests with its picturesque surroundings. The former manor exudes a unique charm as a backdrop for weddings. But the castle, with its barrier-free facilities, also offers many opportunities for conferences and events. In addition, the Jochhöhschlösschen castle in the Pesterwitz district is also worth a visit.

Coal mining brought Freital fame and economic growth. One of the city's sights is the Saxon Porcelain Manufactory, located in the Freital Potschappel district. Travellers can get an insight into the craft of porcelain making and can purchase valuable items from the factory's shop. Tourists go to the city of Freitel not only for sightseeing and architectural monuments but also for excellent medical care. The Academic Hospital Helios Weisseritztal is a modern medical institution that provides first-class diagnostic and therapeutic services.

A visit to Freital offers a wonderful combination of art, mining, sports and wine. Numerous city attractions and recreational activities are surrounded by beautiful countryside and are still in the vicinity of Dresden. Proximity to the artistic capital and excellent transport links to the surrounding area is desirable for visitors looking for a vacation away from mass tourism in a pleasant and quiet place.

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