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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Frankfurt an der Oder

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Frankfurt an der Oder

Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Frankfurt an der Oder is located in the atmosphere of Germany's incredible culture and history. The medical center is near the sports complex for better convenience and emphasizes its primary focus - orthopedic rehabilitation.The rehabilitation hospital serves 615 patients annually and provides services of classical type and extended outpatient physiotherapy in case of work-related accidents. This possibility requires a separate permit. In addition, doctors conduct special medical training and educational lectures with care for patients and their relatives.The most excellent attention is paid to degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the consequences

About Frankfurt an der Oder

Frankfurt an der Oder has almost 60,000 inhabitants and is a german border city near Poland. The name is related to its location on the Oder river, which divides the town into two banks. There are seven nature reserves on the city's territory and numerous artistic, cultural, and sports offers.

In 1200, a merchant settlement appeared on the sandy island in the valley. Economic privileges, especially in the fish and cloth trades, led to political and cultural uplift in the city. Several north german brick gothic buildings, such as St. Mary's Church and Frankfurt City Hall, the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Concert Hall, and the Friedenkirche, are also part of European gothic history. In addition, the city maintains musical traditions, which arose thanks to Emanuel Bach and Johann Gottfried Piefke. Сomposers lived here a long time. Furthermore, Frankfurt an der Oder has the world-famous Sauer organ building company. After visiting numerous museums, festivals, and theatres, enjoying the view of the majestic architecture and local parks from the 89-meter-high Oder Tower will complete the evening. Visitors can continue to walk by going down to the shopping center on the floors below and having a delicious dinner in the world-famous Panorama restaurant. With so many forests, fields and lakes nearby, the city is also ideal for cycling trips.

The city is an important center of science and research. The world-renowned Leibniz Institute of Innovation for High-Performance Microelectronics (IHP) has pioneered numerous developments in microelectronics, communications, and energy technologies. The world-famous doctor Marcus Eliezer Bloch also studied in the city. He received his doctorate for a treatise on skin diseases. Generally regarded as one of the most important ichthyologists of the 18th century, he wrote many articles on natural history, comparative anatomy, and physiology. Viadrina European University contributed to a large flow of qualified specialists, thanks to which the development of medicine as a whole took place. VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Frankfurt an der Oder plays an important role and contributes to an even greater flow of visitors to the city thanks to its high-quality service and high treatment efficiency.

The rich culture and natural resources, historical architecture, and continuous development of the tourist destination Frankfurt an der Oder have allowed it to gain popularity among young people and abroad. Furthermore, easy accessibility and high-quality medicine add to the endless benefits and opportunities gained while visiting the city.

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