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Regio Hospital Elmshorn

Regio Hospital Elmshorn

Elmshorn, Germany
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Regio Hospital Elmshorn is the largest hospital operator in Schleswig-Holstein. The hospital opened its doors in 2004 and has been providing highly qualified medical care to residents of the region. Regio Hospital Elmshorn belongs to the Sana Kliniken Group, one of the most critical providers of integrated health services.The hospital has 450 beds and 11 departments. The number of inpatient cases exceeds 17,000, and outpatients of 28,000. The hospital also includes certified centres for the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, gynaecological cancer, vascular disease and stroke. There is an intensive care unit for emergency pathological conditions in the hospital, where surgeons and anae

About Elmshorn

Elmshorn is a small old German town with over 52,000 citizens. Elmshorn proves to be an ideal place to do business, especially for small and medium-sized companies, due to its advantageous geographical position. The city is connected to national highways and has its railway station, modern infrastructure, diverse educational institutions and a modern city council.

Elmshorn honours the good German tradition of making the central street pedestrian. There is the main city church in the centre of the city. Children's playground and street cafes are next to the church. Internationally renowned artists and ensembles, musicians and actors specialising in Low German play regularly perform at Elmshorn. In 1991, Elmshorn became one of the world-famous Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival venues.

Elmshorn is also a great place to live with its many recreational areas, diverse cultural scene and attractive city centre. Lifelong learning is one of Elmshorn's top priorities. That is why the city offers a wide range of educational institutions for every stage of life. For families, there is a choice of kindergartens and schools. In addition, Academic Regio Hospital, with 450 beds, offers qualified medical care.

Elmshorn is an excellent example of a country town with a calm and peaceful environment. The city leaves a charming impression on all visitors.

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