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Helios Hospital Jerichower Land Burg

Helios Hospital Jerichower Land Burg

Burg, Germany
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Helios Hospital Jerichower Land Burg is a primary high-quality care clinic specializing in endoprosthetics and cardiology. The clinic has been part of the German medical network Helios since 2014. The building is located in the historic city of Burg and has more than a century of history. After a significant renovation, it received a modern look with a pleasant interior and high-tech facilities.The medical centre has 240 beds and receives more than 11,000 inpatients and almost 18,000 outpatients annually in 8 departments. The modern functional building has a central emergency department, four operating rooms, a rehabilitation area and an intensive care and secondary care ward. Helios Ho

About Burg

Burg, or as it is also called the "city of towers", is a cultural city in Germany near Berlin with a population of 23,000 people. The high architecture and antiquity of the buildings amaze with their diversity and give the city a fairy-tale feel. Numerous green areas for walks and delicious cafes allow guests to enjoy the city's magnificent sights comfortably.

This city has always attracted respectable people. The German writer, journalist and critic Theodor Fontane worked in Burg as a pharmacy assistant, and the military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, whose doctrines of war are taught in almost all military schools in the world, was born here. Numerous churches, the remains of walls and gate towers testify to the great past of this city. Due to its early development and strategically advantageous location, the town of Burg was equipped with fortifications early on. Some of these systems have survived, and the towers, in particular, characterize the cityscape to this day. Also available is the Romanesque Road Recreational Route, which connects cathedrals, castles, monasteries and churches built between the 10th and mid-13th centuries and is thus a sign of Christianisation.

The city is also home to the Helios Hospital Jerichower Land Burg. The medical centre, founded in 2014, is located among architectural monuments and towers. Patients worldwide choose a clinic annually for its success in cardiology and endoprosthetics. The hospital is also famous among young specialists as an academic teaching hospital of Magdeburg University.

The beautiful architecture and historicity of the city is the main characteristic of this charming city. As before, the Burg is famous among dignitaries and warmly welcomes guests from all over the world.

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