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Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

Bad Staffelstein, Germany
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Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein is one of the most important hospitals for rehabilitation and emergency care in Upper Franconia with its numerous medical services. The medical team offers the best conditions for successful treatment by combining modern medical care, optimal therapy, sincere humanity and the unique atmosphere of a clinic in the historic spa town of Bad Staffelstein.The medical centre comprises three departments and 330 beds where inpatient, semi-inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, emergency inpatient psychosomatics and multimodal pain therapy are carried out. More than 1,500 patients are treated at Schoen Clinic every year.According to the prestigious Focus magazine, the

About Bad Staffelstein

Bad Staffelstein is a small spa town in the Lichtenfels district in Upper Franconia. The historic city on the Upper Main is highly regarded for its rich historical background, world-class attractions, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire country, and a health resort and wellness centre with the hottest and strongest thermal salt water in Bavaria.

Bad Staffelstein is located right in the center of Gottesgarten am Obermain. On the left rises the magnificent Banz Abbey, built by the Dientzenhofer brothers on a hillside. On the right is the gleaming Baroque pilgrimage church Vierzehnheiligen. Every year, thousands of believers pray for the protection of the Fourteen Holy Helpers in the unique basilica. Between the two impressive buildings runs the lifeline of the region - Main.

Bad Staffelstein is home to one of the most famous wellness centres in which thermal baths and saunas have received numerous awards. The adjacent spa park is a natural home for relaxation. Here, visitors can walk and breathe in the quality salt water of Bad Staffelstein, which turns into steam in the graduation house - an absolute pleasure for the lungs and respiratory tract. In summer, concerts and performances on the idyllic lake stage and in the small bridge theatre surrounded by greenery allow you to enjoy the culture carefreely. In addition, Bad Staffelstein has a specialized Schoen Clinic. The medical centre offers professional care in neurology, orthopaedics and psychosomatics.

Cyclists and hikers enjoy the upper Main Valley's gentle, hilly landscape. In summer, visitors are invited to swim in the Blue Flag lake. In addition, there is the possibility of sailing, surfing and fishing in another lake, as well as canoeing on the Main. Guests of Bad Staffelstein enjoy a beer in the rustic restaurants and pubs, along with hearty snacks. Specialities from local bakeries and butchers, such as homemade sausages and wood-fired bread, are second to none.

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