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Helios Hospital Bad Gandersheim

Helios Hospital Bad Gandersheim

Bad Gandersheim, Germany
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Helios Hospital Bad Gandersheim is a small emergency hospital with a family atmosphere. The main goal of the medical staff is a thorough and early diagnosis, effective treatment and prevention of various pathological conditions. The clinic has modern technical equipment that allows doctors to provide medical care following national and international standards.The medical centre has 150 employees. The specialists treat about 4,700 outpatients and 2,800 inpatients in four departments. Doctors use the most innovative treatment methods in their practice, guaranteeing a high level of medical services. The clinic includes 89 beds in modern rooms with a private bathroom, Internet access and TV.At t

About Bad Gandersheim

Bad Gandersheim is a small spa town in Southern Lower Saxony. Both in the Middle Ages and today, two historical trade and pilgrimage routes meet in Bad Gandersheim, running from north to south and east to west.

The city is full of character and consists of many half-timbered houses. In the centre of the town is Market Square, where a large number of various events are held. Bad Gandersheim has established itself as the most significant professional summer theatre festival in Lower Saxony. In 2006, about 55,000 spectators attended the theatre's four main productions.

At the end of the 19th century, the city became known for the healing properties of its mineral springs, and it received the official right to call itself a spa town, i.e. "Bad" Gandersheim, because of these springs. The city is also home to a highly specialized clinic of the Helios network. Helios Hospital Bad Gandersheim is renowned for its excellence in gynaecology, orthopaedics and gastroenterology. In addition, the medical centre develops palliative care for residents of the city and the region.

Bad Gandersheim has a long tradition as a popular cultural and tourist destination. The diverse local cultural offerings are known and loved far beyond the city limits.

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