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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Ems

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Ems

Bad Ems, Germany
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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Ems is a private specialized orthopedic rehabilitation clinic located since 2010 in one of the most picturesque areas of the Lahn Valley. Bad Ems is on the UNESCO list and has received the highest international award for cultural sites. In addition, the rehabilitation center acquired the VPKSH quality mark and is a member of the premium class of the national portal Qualitä rehabilitation center serves patients after implantation of endoprostheses, fractures of limbs, bones of the pelvis, and spine and spine surgery, as well as degenerative diseases of peripheral joints and disc diseases and inflammatory and metabolic diseases of the musculoske

About Bad Ems

Bad Ems is a city of 10,000 inhabitants located on both sides of the lower reaches of the river Lahn in the center of the Rhine-Lahn district, Germany. The scenery of the Rhine Slate Mountains, the temperate climate, and numerous thermal springs have contributed to its popularity as a spa since the 18th century. Bad Ems is currently a member of the Great Spas of Europe association. In 2021, UNESCO included Bad Ems in the World Heritage List.

The city is a Frankish foundation of the 6th century AD. The history of one of the largest European health resorts still shapes the cityscape. Former hotels, boarding houses, and residential areas adjoin the historic resort area with its impressive and well-preserved architecture, such as the Catholic Church of St. Martin. One of the important buildings is the bathhouse of the Prince of Orange-Nassau, which has survived to this day and is considered the oldest Catholic fountain hall in Germany. Bad Ems has a varied recreation program for guests and visitors to the area, particularly packed with choral and organ concerts, classical piano music, and local food festivals. A walking tour of the Four Towers, over 616 meters high, leads to observation decks Wintersberg, Malberg, Bismarckhohe, and Concordiaberg.

World-famous poets Victor Hugo and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as well as numerous kings and princes, composers, philosophers, and theologians, rested here. The healing thermal springs contain sodium bicarbonate, and the water temperature reaches 57°C. Furthermore, the city's popularity in medicine contributed to the opening of the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Ems rehabilitation for orthopedic services and pain syndromes treatment. The clinic won the hearts of residents and foreign tourists with an individual approach and high-quality services.

The ancient popularity of the city of Bad Ems continues to this day and enjoys the attention of patients and celebrities from all over the world. A rich cultural program, rich nature, healing thermal springs, festivals, and hospitality make unforgettable memories and relieve any stress.

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