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VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berleburg

VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berleburg

Bad Berleburg, Germany
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The VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Berleburg combines the former buildings of the Baumrain Clinic, Odeborn Clinic, and Rothaar Clinic. The oldest building was used by visitors to the resort and bathing about 60 years ago.More than 4,200 patients visit the clinic annually. Treatment takes place in "Haus Odeborn" and "Haus Rothaar". The wards are designed for single and double rooms and have 530 seats. In addition, spacious corridors and living rooms, as well as numerous elevators, facilitate access to therapy areas and dining rooms. For its contribution to the development of quality medicine, the clinic received the DEGEMED certificate of the German Medical Rehabilitation Society and is one

About Bad Berleburg

Bad Berleburg is the heart of Wittgenstein's land, with a population of 19,500. Picturesque views open to the Rothaar mountains, the Odeborn valley slopes, and the Eder tributaries. For the first time, the city was mentioned in documents back in 1174, and since then, it has been steadily developing and gaining popularity.

In 1605, Bad Berleburg became the capital and royal seat of the northern county of Sein-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, which was the center of the radical Pietist movement in Germany in the 18th century. Berleburg Castle, a complex with a prominent building in the Baroque style from 1733, has become a museum of the history of this era. The castle is one of the few in Germany inhabited by the same family for more than 750 years. In addition, the town has preserved its historical appearance, which can be seen during a walk through the romantic streets. Half-timbered houses, churches, and numerous monuments are found at every turn. Various shooting festivals and winter Christmas fairs are held annually in almost all districts.

Since 1935, the city has been recognized as a resort due to its mild climate. Therefore, the development of medical tourism in treating and rehabilitating psychosomatics, neurological diseases, and orthopedic diseases began gradually. Thanks to Helios' investment, the VAMED Rehabilitation Clinic Altona Hamburg was opened, providing high-quality services and taking over many years of experience from a leading network. The clinic adheres to the holistic concept of health according to Sebastian Kneip, which includes five elements: water, exercise, nutrition, medicinal plants, and balance, the immune system is effectively strengthened, and self-healing capacity is stimulated. Kneipp made a significant contribution to the development of health care in Germany and is highly respected today.

The diverse nature of Bad Berleburg, the development of recreational areas, and the cozy atmosphere of the chamber city, make it popular for family recreation and wellness, even among young people. The high principles of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition impress tourists from all over the world.

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