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Helios Hospital Aue-Bad Schlema

Helios Hospital Aue-Bad Schlema

Aue-Bad Schlema, Germany
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Helios Hospital Aue-Bad Schlema is an advanced medical facility specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various pathological conditions. The medical centre is an academic teaching hospital of the Carl Gustav Carus Faculty of Medicine of the Technical University of Dresden. The clinic staff is constantly improving their knowledge in medicine and can guarantee patients the best medical services according to the latest international standards.The medical centre has about 1,000 employees who provide professional, high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services. Every year, the clinic treats nearly 27,000 inpatients and 37,000 outpatients. The hospital has 580 beds in modern a

About Aue-Bad Schlema

Aue-Bad Schlema is one of the oldest settlements in Saxony. The city is located among wooded ridges at the confluence of the Mulde and Schwarzwasser rivers, in a steep valley, the slopes of which rise to a height of 330 to 564 meters. The city originated in 2019 due to the merger of the town of Aue and the municipality of Bad Schlema. Today, Aue-Bad Schlema remains the location of important industrial enterprises, predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the city centre, tourists can admire the beautiful facades of old city houses that date back to the earliest period of the city's life. The 13th-century abbey church in the Celle area is among the most notable buildings. Interested visitors can see the "original home" of Aue, the Selle Monastery, and music lovers can enjoy the regular small concerts at this site.

The city was known for producing the raw materials needed to make porcelain. Until 1854, the Auer mine was the only raw material source for producing the world-famous Meissner porcelain. The city is proud of its football club FC Erzgebirge Aue. Aue-Bad Schlema is also home to the renowned Helios Clinic. The medical centre offers high-quality medical services for region residents and beyond.

The fame and prestige of the large district town of Aue-Bad Schlema cannot be underestimated. The city is constantly developing and has great potential. Various festivals and exhibitions are held for guests and residents of the town. Tourists always get the most pleasant and vivid impressions of the city.

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