Eardrum damage treatment

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Eardrum damage is the occurrence of a hole or tears in the tympanic membrane of the ear. The disease may cause temporary hearing loss or some discharge from the ear. A ruptured eardrum might also heal on its own, but sometimes patients need surgery.

The eardrum performs a protective function and participates in the conduction of sound waves. This organ prevents water, air, microorganisms and foreign objects from entering the inner cavity of the ear. When the eardrum is damaged, it cannot protect the passageway and transmit sound vibrations to the ossicles and other structures of the ear.

The leading causes of eardrum damage:

  1. Inflammatory. When inflammation occurs, the accumulation of pus begins in the middle ear, putting pressure on the membrane. Without treatment, the membrane may rupture.
  2. Sharp noise (for example, an explosion).
  3. Traumatism.

The following signs occur when the membrane is injured:

  • There are sharp painful sensations in the ear;
  • Noise or ringing in the ears;
  • The head begins to spin;
  • Viscous liquid or bloody discharge flows from the injured ear;
  • Hearing lowerings.

In some cases, general malaise, weakness and partial disorientation may appear.

The otolaryngologist will examine your ear using an otoscope or magnifier with illumination and conduct a test for hearing sensitivity.

Conservative treatment of a ruptured tympanic membrane consists of taking antibiotics, vasoconstrictors, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, depending on the situation. If the tympanic membrane is not severely damaged, it grows back on its own.

In case of significant damage that cannot heal within several months, the patient undergoes an operation to restore the membrane. Otolaryngologists perform myringoplasty is patching the damaged part of the membrane with a muscle flap.

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