Department of vascular surgery

The department of vascular surgery at the University Hospital Charite Berlin specialises in arterial and venous surgery. The experienced surgeons provide over 2700 procedures annually. The doctor's team is highly qualified, and the unit is modernly equipped for performing minimally invasive surgeries. Moreover, the vascular centre has recently built an outpatient clinic for proper diagnosing possibilities. In addition, the clinic cooperates with the radiology and internal medicine department and the research institutes and universities. The medical care at the vascular centre is provided according to the German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine standards. It is worth mentioning that the department was listed in FOCUS and the head physician of the unit received a star as a German prominent vascular surgeon. 

The medical focal points of the vascular surgery department include diagnosis and correction of different arterial malformations, surgery on aorta, carotid, abdominal and extremities arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels. In addition, the unit specialises in minimally invasive surgical approaches.

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