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Department of pediatric surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Karin Rothe
paediatric surgery, general and reconstructive surgery

About the department

The pediatric surgery department at University Hospital Charite Berlin specialises in a broad range of surgical treatments for children and adolescents. The children from newborn to young age get high-quality medical care in both inpatient and outpatient clinics of the unit. The medical team tightly cooperates with the different areas of Otto Heubner Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and the Clinic for Obstetrics at the Charite Hospital. Such networking underlines the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in the department's daily routine. It is also worth mentioning that the centre has numerous awards, including "Quality assurance for inpatient care for children and adolescents 2018-2019", "Focus: Top National Hospital 2020", "World's best hospitals 2021", etc. 

The medical focus of the department lies in the proper diagnostic and surgical treatment of children's diseases, including congenital malformations, injuries, acquired diseases of visceral organs, etc. The doctors are high-professional at performing minimally invasive surgeries.

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Treatment and diagnostic focus of the department


  • diagnostic laparoscopy 
  • transabdominal ultrasound
  • computed tomography
  • MRI
  • endoscopic examination
  • X-ray with a contrast

Endocrine surgery:

  • operations on the adrenal glands 
  • operations on the thyroid gland
  • operations on pancreas

Keyholes surgeries:

  • abdominal surgeries (laparoscopies)
  • thoracic surgeries (thoracoscopies)

Anorectal surgeries:

  • hemorrhoidectomy 
  • Longo's hemorrhoidopexy
  • lateral sphincterotomy
  • anal sphincter reconstruction 

Other surgeries:

  • pediatric urology
  • tumour surgery
  • pediatric traumatology
  • neonatal and premature birth surgeries
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Doctor profile


  • 1974-1980 Study of Medicine at the University of Leipzig
  • 1980-1984 Professional training in Pediatric Surgery, Department of Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital Leipzig
  • 1984 Medical Specialist in Pediatric Surgery
  • 1985 Doctor’s degree. Subject: “Omphalocele – a retrospective study with special consideration of risk factors.”
  • 1994 Habilitation. Subject: “Monitoring of morbidity in pediatric surgery. On the importance of biomedical functions in newborns and infants.”
  • 1995 PD in Pediatric Surgery
  • European certification as a Specialist in Pediatric Surgery (European Council of Pediatric Surgery)


  • 1994-2008 Senior Physician, Department of Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital Leipzig
  • 2000 Appointed as a Visiting Professor, Pediatric Surgery
  • 2003-2009 Head of the Academy of Pediatric Surgery of the German Society of Pediatric Surgery
  • 2008-2009 Head of the Section of Pediatric Surgery at the Department of General, Abdominal and Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital Duesseldorf
  • 2009 Appointed as W3 Professor, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Charite University Hospital Berlin

Awards, memberships, publications

  • Author of 60 publications
  • Member of the German Society of Surgery
  • Member of the German Society of Pediatric Surgery
  • Member of the German Society of Burn Medicine
  • Member of the Association of German Surgeons
  • Member of the German Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Member of Saxon-Thuringian Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and Pediatric Surgery
  • Corresponding Member of the Austrian Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery
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