Department of pediatric internal medicine (endocrinology and diabetology)

The department of pediatric internal medicine (endocrinology and diabetology) at University Hospital Charite Berlin takes care of diseases of visceral organs and endocrine glands in children. More than 500 children with diabetes get professional medical help at the unit annually. The clinic is a part of the Social Pediatric Centre of the Charite Hospital. The team of the centre consists of therapists, physiotherapists and nurses. Moreover, the qualified doctors cooperate with medical teams of other departments of Charite clinic and, in such a way, guarantee the interdisciplinary approach to small patients. Furthermore, primary scientific research is conducted. In addition, the unit is a training and teaching centre for future doctors studying at Charite.

The medical focus of the department lies in the detailed diagnosing of internal diseases. In addition, the specialists provide high-quality medical care for children with endocrine disorders, mainly diabetes mellitus type 1. Special attention is paid to monitoring the disease in dynamics.

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