Department of cardiovascular surgery

The cardiovascular surgery department at the University Hospital Charite Berlin is engaged in treating heart and vessel diseases. The unit closely cooperates with the cardiology centre of Charite and the German Heart Center in Berlin and is a part of the University Heart Center Berlin. Due to the connection between cardiological therapists and surgeons, an individual approach to each patient is guaranteed. Moreover, the TAVI centre (transcatheter aortic valve implantations) is established on a clinic basis. The department is a high-quality teaching centre for university and post-graduate students in cardio surgery. It is worth mentioning that the unit chief is an active member of national, European, American and international societies for cardiology and thoracic surgery. 

The focal points of the department include the wide range of adult cardiac surgery. Special attention is paid to the surgeries on the aorta and its branches. The experienced team perform minimally invasive and tissue-sparing surgical procedures on the heart and its valves. Based on the TAVI centre, catheter-based interventions are performed.

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