Department of internal medicine (nephrology (kidney disease))

The department of internal medicine (nephrology (kidney disease)) at Teknon Medical Center Barcelona specializes in treating kidney diseases and offers quality medical care and a personalized approach. Planning and decision-making to determine each patient's treatment are carried out through the cooperation of all specialists to provide individualized medical care. The department has its laboratory for various tests and analyses, which significantly reduce the time of diagnosis. The medical team consists of nephrology doctors with more than 30 years of experience and caring nursing staff who do everything possible for a comfortable stay in the hospital. Treatment is carried out both inpatient and outpatient. In addition, doctors continue education and update academic knowledge to maintain the highest level of medical services.

The department provides diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic renal failure, inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, water and electrolyte balance disorders, and autoimmune kidney diseases. Additionally, nephrologists specialize in secondary arterial hypertension, which can occur against the background of kidney disease. Preference is always given to conservative treatment, but department specialists can also perform minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures.

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