Department of allergology

The department of allergology at Teknon Medical Center Barcelona specializes in diagnosing and treating all allergic diseases. According to statistics, more than 15% of the population suffers from allergic diseases. The department's medical team is constantly developing its range of services to improve the quality of medical care. Scientific advances have enabled the department to use molecular biology to study in vitro allergic diseases and new therapeutic possibilities. Doctors widely use immunotherapy, which includes using medicinal extracts with the main determinants of allergens and the treatment of severe pathologies with anti-IgE molecules to eliminate chronic pathologies.

The medical team deals with the most common allergies, such as allergies to pollen, food, drugs, insects, and occupational allergies. In most cases, treatment takes place on an outpatient basis using conservative methods. Doctors also have exceptional experience in treating children and adolescents. Thanks to the friendly and caring medical staff, patients feel like they are in good hands in the department.

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