Department of outpatient cardiology

The department of outpatient cardiology at St. Zdislavy Hospital Velke Mezirici specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as well as follow-up after acute coronary syndromes. The cardiological polyclinic is designed to monitor patients with coronary heart disease, especially after myocardial infarction, for patients with hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances, valve defects and other heart diseases. The medical team offers highly accurate diagnostics, appropriate treatment and recommendations for treatment and prevention with tips to improve the quality of life. As part of the standard control, cardiologists of the department perform echocardiographic, ergometric, and Holter monitoring of blood pressure and ECG. The medical staff always carefully monitors the developments in the world of medicine and implements the studied innovations at the highest level.

Doctors pay special attention to the active treatment of lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure and lipid metabolism disorders in the outpatient cardiology department. Other ailments commonly treated by specialists include angina pectoris, heart failure, arrhythmias, congenital heart valve disease, and many others. In addition, the medical staff works on an interdisciplinary basis, so doctors from the emergency care unit can be involved in the treatment process if necessary.

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