Department of outpatient psychiatry

The department of outpatient psychiatry at Academic Regio Hospital Pinneberg is a facility for outpatient treatment of people with mental illness. The treatment team consists of doctors, psychologists, nurses, an occupational therapist and a social worker. In addition, doctors offer individual consultations where further diagnostic plans and treatment options for various clinical pictures are discussed. The department has the central laboratory and the X-ray department, including CT and MRI, at its disposal for diagnostic purposes. Furthermore, the department offers comprehensive psychological diagnostics and electroencephalographic examinations (EEG). 

Because the treatment of mental disorders is usually very complex, the medical team of the department use psycho- and social-therapeutic oriented as well as drug treatments. Furthermore, both depth psychology and behavioural therapy methods are offered. Drug therapy is carried out according to guidelines on a scientific basis. Specialists also provide ergotherapy, physiotherapy and relaxation therapies. Due to the close spatial and technical connection to the somatic clinical areas, the treatment of physical illnesses is guaranteed.

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