Department of hand, foot, and microsurgery

The department of hand, foot, and microsurgery at Regio Hospital Elmshorn is part of the wide range of the clinic's surgical services. In addition to 24 hours a day hand surgery service, the department includes the complex requirements for corrections in the feet area. All types of hand injuries, including amputations, are treated promptly. Operations are planned individually after an introduction during the consultation hours. The medical team can also perform many procedures on an outpatient basis in the outpatient surgery centre. Approximately 2,000 hand and foot operations are performed in the department every year. In addition, with the plastic and aesthetic surgeons, the department has a specialised unit to treat severe facial injuries, deformities, wound healing disorders or skin cancer. Aesthetic procedures are also offered in the unit.

The medical team treats the entire hand and foot with bones, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, skin, and other tissues and functions. Typical interventions are the treatment of fractures, severe bruises, deep wounds, and tendon injuries. Microsurgery is used for damages and operations on nerves and blood vessels. Special equipment such as an operating microscope is available. All surgeons have special training in the necessary techniques. The treatment is not always surgical, but insoles, splints, or physiotherapy are often prescribed.

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