Department of gastroenterology

The department of gastroenterology at Regio Hospital Elmshorn specializes in diagnosing and treating patients with gastrointestinal tract diseases. The department offers extensive modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using high-resolution endoscopes of the latest devices. Close cooperation with other departments allows accurate differential diagnosis and treatment to begin as soon as possible. First of all, highly qualified doctors use conservative therapy, and if all possibilities have already been exhausted, minimally invasive sparing treatment is used. There is also a certified Intestinal Center based in the department, which successfully treats colorectal cancer. Interdisciplinary cooperation should make it possible to achieve optimal treatment results for every patient. The advice and care of high-risk patients is a central concern for specialists.

The department's key focus is the conservative treatment of inflammatory, infectious, benign, and malignant gastrointestinal tract diseases. Particular attention is paid to patients with severe swallowing disorders or who cannot take enough food. In this case, a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) or percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy (PEJ) is performed in the department.

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