Department of vascular surgery

The department of vascular surgery at PAN Clinic Cologne specializes in diagnosing and treating vascular diseases. The department offers you the highest medical quality, many years of medical experience and a friendly practice team. Vascular diseases can represent a significant health risk and lead to complications. The consequences can be a stroke or heart attack, kidney failure and circulatory disorders in the legs, the so-called “intermittent claudication”. Therefore, special attention is paid to preventive measures in the department, which can prevent many dangerous pathological conditions. The doctors in the department use state of the art equipment, which is entirely painful and can be repeated as often as the patient needs. The department is certified according to high-quality standards and regularly carries out quality assurance measures and further training for medical staff and medical assistants.

The department presents all types of treatment for arterial and venous diseases, such as aneurysms, thrombosis or varicose veins. Special attention is given to lymphatic vessel treatment. After complex diagnostic procedures, doctors consult patients and individually select treatment methods depending on the clinical indications. Usually, doctors use modern minimally invasive techniques like laser or probe and endovascular surgeries.

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