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Department of proctology (rectal disease) and endoscopy

The department of proctology (rectal disease) and endoscopy at PAN Clinic Cologne offers the entire spectrum of diagnostics and endoscopic therapy for all pathological conditions of the gastrointestinal tract using the most modern examination methods. The department mainly specializes in the treatment of the rectum. You will be carefully examined and treated by surgeons with many years of diagnostic and surgical experience and specialized additional qualifications in endoscopic diagnostics and therapy. The treatment rooms of the department are adapted to the needs of patients with proctological diseases. For example, proctological examinations are carried out in a large examination room with particular attention to the pubic part of the body. Functionality, hygiene requirements and patient safety are of paramount importance to doctors.

The department’s primary focus is the diagnosis of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract using endoscopic methods. However, the endoscopy method can also be used for conservative purposes. For example, to stop gastrointestinal bleeding, removing foreign bodies or polyps and small tumours.

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