Department of plastic and aesthetic surgery

The department of plastic and aesthetic surgery at PAN Clinic Cologne offers high-quality and the most modern techniques in implementing plastic surgical operations, non-invasive aesthetic treatments and laser therapy. The department combines medical competence, aesthetic sensitivity and responsibility for patients with over 15 years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Department specialists work closely with dermatologists and have specialized in the removal and defect coverage of skin tumours, particularly in the facial area. Thanks to many years of experience and specialization in plastic surgical reconstruction, the department performs extensive and complex operations on larger skin tumours under local anaesthesia on outpatient at the highest level. 

One of the focal points of the department is body reshaping surgery and, in particular, the surgical treatment of lipoedema. The surgical range covers the entire body and combines medicine, function and aesthetics. Complex reconstructive procedures are successfully carried out in close cooperation with surgical, ENT and trauma departments.

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