Department of human genetics

The department of human genetics at PAN Clinic Cologne is dedicated to determining the genetic causes of various diseases. Doctors analyse the medical history and the history of other family members and a family tree of at least three generations. An additional physical examination is performed for disease-specific characteristics. Doctors cooperate closely with gynaecologists and andrologists, allowing for a comprehensive approach to solving problems. The department has close cooperation with multiple laboratories for accurate genetic testing. The department has become one of the first centres in Germany that conduct preimplantation genetic diagnostics (PID). In addition, human genetics specialists must approve reproductive medicine centres that carry out assisted medical reproduction measures.

The department is focused on complex genetic syndromes, including various diagnostic and management. One of the main tasks is to clarify the possible genetic causes of fertility disorders and the individual risks for a couple and desired child. This procedure gives couples the hope of having a healthy baby, even if there are known pre-existing genetic conditions.

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