Department of hernia surgery

The department of hernia surgery at PAN Clinic Cologne focuses on hernia care. Furthermore, the department also treats patients with visceral surgical symptoms, and the surgical spectrum extends to port implantations. Patients can be cared for on an outpatient basis or under short-term inpatient conditions. Medical action is based on nationally and internationally valid medical guidelines of professional societies and the findings of evidence-based medicine. The department is one of the largest German medical centres specializing in hernia treatment, which performs more than 1,200 interventions every year. The department of hernia also has a quality certificate from the German Hernia Society, which confirms the high professionalism of surgeons. 

The department's medical team successfully performs hernia surgery for all hernias, including umbilical, epigastric, incisional, diaphragmatic and femoral hernias. They also provide laparoscopic surgery for other abdominal organs, such as the gallbladder, appendix or stomach. With 3D technology in laparoscopy, the department has the most modern technology in endoscopic surgery. The outstanding Full HD visualization combined with the latest 3D technology leads to optimal hand-eye coordination. In addition, this technology supports the surgeon in maintaining a high concentration level. 

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