Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Triberg

Triberg, Germany
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Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Triberg
Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Triberg
Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Triberg

About the hospital

Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Triberg has been operating since 1972 as a specialized resort near the famous Triberg waterfalls. Patient-centeredness and round-the-clock multidisciplinary support receive high-quality recovery and renewal of strength after severe oncological treatment.

In particular, doctors and rehabilitators serve 2,500 people annually. Beautiful nature, a favorable climate, and a modern building with 150 beds contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, complemented by the friendliness of the medical staff.

The importance of maintaining a proper movement regime and physical exercises, according to clinical studies, can prevent the presence or recurrence of cancer by up to 67%. Therefore, doctors offer numerous activities for their patients, including guided forest walks, Nordic walking or snowshoeing, bicycle ergometry, breathing exercises, bicycle ergometry, gymnastics of different body parts, motion baths, and strength endurance training on Milon simulators. Individual physiotherapy and occupational therapy help to reduce manifestations of polyneuropathy and limb weakness. The clinic's rehabilitators also offer diet therapy, a cure for insufficient nutrition, and training in rational nutrition, considering the variety of cancer lesions. Purposeful pelvic floor training also reduces urinary incontinence problems, which often accompany patients with an oncological profile. Lectures about treatment variations of erectile dysfunction, stoma care, and smoking (developed by IFT and BZgA) keep patients motivated and help them learn about additional options for improving their general condition. Also, endocrinological patients have the opportunity to dine problems of muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area after surgery, as well as receive advice on dietary calcium supplements and vitamin D. Furthermore, accessory symptoms, such as sleep disorders, are successfully corrected by leading specialists thanks to exercise in relaxation techniques and the use of progressive Jacobson muscle relaxation and autogenic training.

The specialized Oncological Rehabilitation Hospital Asklepios in Triberg qualifies for recovery after the cure of leukemia and lymphoma, stem cell transplantation, oncological lesions of the esophagus, gynecological, urological, endocrinological, and pulmonary systems, and skin. Additionally, detailed attention to the minor symptoms and educational activities aimed at informing patients about additional opportunities for a better life.

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Founded in 1972
2,500 patients
150 beds available
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Should I choose the hospital for rehabilitation after bone marrow transplantation?

For more than 20 years, the clinic has been rehabilitating patients with malignant diseases of hematology and after bone marrow transplantation. Rehabilitation specialists offer a comprehensive individual approach and correction of further immunosuppressive treatment.

What are the areas of restoration of Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Triberg?

Rehabilitators pay the most attention to movement therapy, thanks to which the physical form improves and positively affects the psychological state. In addition, doctors achieve the primary goal of cure, preventing repeated oncology cases.

What are the advantages of rehabilitation in a medical center?

More than 50 years of experience, compliance with high medical standards amid a favorable climate, and abundant nature are significant advantages. Patients have the opportunity to visit excursions and entertainment offers of the city, which contributes to a relaxed atmosphere.

About the city

Triberg is a town in the Freiburg region of Germany, with nearly 5,000 citizens. Fantastic nature, castles, and resorts make the city an ideal place to relax.

Guests of the city can experience a reunion with nature in the nature reserve Schlossberg-Hauberg and Priesenbach. The town is famous for its waterfalls, bird sanctuaries, and numerous parks. The climate of the low mountains and the Schwarzwald farm holiday offers are beautiful to travelers. Also, while walking, guests of the municipality can explore ancient churches, visit museums, and see the world's giant cuckoo clock, Althornberg, and Triberg castles.

Triberg was first mentioned in 1239. In 1896, one of the most critical periods of economic prosperity began thanks to the electric power company Triberg. The company has functioned until now. Also, Aquavilla manages water supply networks. The watch industry was also widely represented. The city is also known for the world's first electric ski lift in 1908. The 1925 European Figure Skating Championship was held on a mountain lake on the city's outskirts. Also, due to its unusual nature, Triberg was described in the story "Snow on Kilimanjaro" by Ernest Hemingway, who spent three weeks in the Schwarzwald in 1922. Also, the spa traditions were continued in the Asklepios Triberg Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic, which at the beginning of 1978 provided rehabilitation for patients with cardiovascular diseases and states of psychovegetative exhaustion, and already in 1996 was reorganized entirely in the oncological direction.

The European city of Triberg offers its guests a pause from the hustle and bustle and recuperates amid silence, German culture, and incredible nature.

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