Department of orthopaedics and trauma surgery

The department of orthopaedics and trauma surgery at MEOCLINIC Berlin provides a broad range of orthopaedic services, including trauma and musculoskeletal conditions. Modern evidence-based treatment is provided by a team of experienced physicians and nurses. The head of the department has specialized in spinal diseases and has a high level of surgical expertise thanks to more than 10,000 independently performed spinal operations. The treatment usually takes place during an outpatient or short inpatient stay. The hospitalization time can be reduced to a minimum. The department has a modern surgical room with the highest hygiene standards and required equipment. 

The priorities of work in the department include conservative and surgical treatment, diagnosis, and physiotherapy for musculoskeletal diseases: spinal deformities in children and adults, degenerative spinal disorders, tumours, infections, and fractures. Experts also give professional second opinions for complex cases at the international level.

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