Department of foot and ankle surgery

The department of foot and ankle surgery at MEOCLINIC Berlin is a private practice for orthopaedics and joint surgery. The department primarily provides the reconstruction of acquired and acquired foot deformities and traumatic and degenerative damage to the foot and ankle joint. Modern diagnostic and surgical procedures are carried out at the facility: dynamic and static pedography with digital image processing, special sonography of the musculoskeletal system, digital X-ray, and arthroscopy. The professional staff offers years of experience, with the leading physician being awarded the “Top 10 Orthopedists ​​in Berlin” award by Jameda as of 2020. 

Medical care at the department is set around ankle diseases, hallux valgus, flatfoot, and toe deformities (hammer toe, claw and claw toe, toe dislocations). Shoe inserts or orthoses are usually the best therapy. Surgery is rarely necessary. In addition to conservative or surgical treatment methods, other options include traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure, lifestyle and nutritional advice, manual therapy and chirotherapy, and more.

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