Department of pediatric allergology

The department of pediatric allergology at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul provides high-quality medical care for children with allergic diseases. To confirm the diagnosis and select the optimal treatment tactics, specialists conduct such studies as a complete blood count, a blood test for IgE, an allergy blood test, provocative tests and skin-allergic tests. Patients can receive medical care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The complex diagnostic studies and subsequent treatment procedures are selected for each patient individually. In most cases, patients present to the ward with symptoms, so symptomatic therapy is often the first line of treatment. Many patients then undergo allergen-specific immunotherapy (hyposensitization). Since early diagnosis and treatment can affect the course of the disease throughout life, doctors make every effort to achieve recovery or stable remission in young patients.

The experienced specialists treat childhood asthma, reactive respiratory diseases, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, food allergies and anaphylaxis in the pediatric allergology department. The department's highly qualified team of doctors, proud of its rich clinical experience and excellent treatment success rates, provides effective treatment for all allergic diseases.

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