Department of dentistry, maxillofacial surgery with aesthetic dentistry

The department of dentistry, maxillofacial surgery with aesthetic dentistry at KCM Clinic Wroclaw is a high-specialised dental centre, one of the few in Poland that uses the most modern methods of non-invasive dental treatment. The department uses Wand computer anaesthesia in its practice, providing painless treatment. Doctors offer treatment under both local and general anaesthesia for patients with a low pain threshold. Therapy's comfort and patient safety are significant for the department's specialists. That is why at KCM Clinic, dentists care about the quality of treatment and a friendly atmosphere. The medical team pays special attention to creating comfortable conditions for pediatric patients. Working with children involves specific procedures and treatments.

Beautiful teeth are not only healthy but also self-confident and joyful in life. The department's dentists excel in surgical treatments, microscopic endodontics, implantology, prosthetics and orthodontics. The department uses Straumann implants, a world leader in dental implants, offering a lifetime warranty. Doctors also specialise in aesthetic dentistry in case of discolouration or the formation of deposits on the teeth. Treatments such as dental restorations and ceramic or composite veneers can help resolve cosmetic issues. In addition, dentists at the KCM clinic help choose the best treatments for certain diseases and problems.

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