Department of orthopaedic and traumatology with endoprosthesis unit

The department of orthopaedic and traumatology with the endoprosthesis unit at Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius provides diagnostic and treatment services for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and injuries to bones, muscles, ligaments and joints. Specialists have modern equipment, including X-ray, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, which allows timely and correct diagnosis of complex diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The department's specialists in the orthopaedic surgery field have more than 35 years of experience and perform about 200 successful operations annually. In addition, orthopedists and traumatologists in the department pay great attention to innovative methods for treating patients according to the highest standards. For example, the department uses Lipogems Adipose therapy, an unparalleled treatment with new-generation regenerative cells for joint diseases, sports injuries and congenital disabilities. The advantages of this therapy are minimally invasive, safe, outpatient, and the ability to avoid surgical treatment.

The department's medical team specializes in the conservative and surgical treatment of patients who suffer from joint pain, tendons and muscles pain, oedema, and difficulty in movement. Minimally invasive (arthroscopic) surgery is available in the department to treat ruptures of the meniscus of the knee joint, cruciate and lateral ligaments, and shoulder ligaments. If the patients need endoprosthetics of the articular surface, the department uses prostheses and implants from well-known manufacturers: BIOMET, ZIMMER, Johnson & Johnson.

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