Department of vascular surgery

The department of vascular surgery at Johanna Etienne Hospital Neuss offers a full range of services for diagnosing and treating vascular diseases. The highly qualified team of the department combines medical knowledge and patient care. More than 1,400 people are treated in the department every year. Patients with acute and chronic vascular diseases receive comprehensive care individually and in interdisciplinary cooperation in the department. Doctors are members of the German Society for Vascular Surgery, which confirms the quality of the services provided and guarantees patients therapy according to international standards.

Doctors have been operating on diseases of the aorta, pelvic vessels and extremities, performing interventions to treat aneurysms and venous disorders for more than 25 years. Vascular surgeons use only modern surgical techniques that are highly effective and, at the same time, gentle for the patient. The department is equipped with modern and unique equipment, which allows doctors to make an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible.

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