Department of thoracic surgery

The thoracic surgery department at Helios Hospital Krefeld deals with the detection and surgical treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the lungs and chest cavity. The department's team of experts in thoracic surgery helps patients with lung diseases or malformations of the chest through minimally invasive, gentle, and surgical treatment methods. The department has the most modern equipment and works according to the latest international medical standards. Thoracic surgeons carry out all procedures and interventions with extensive experience and the necessary specialist knowledge. In addition, the department often works interdisciplinary with anaesthesia, endoscopy, physical therapy, and specialised nursing. The department's ultimate goal is to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere during the patient's stay in the hospital.

The main specialisation of the department is the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and lung metastases. In addition, doctors pay a lot of attention to chest biopsy, surgical treatment of suppuration in the pleural cavity, chest defects, tracheal surgery, and lung volume reduction surgery. Furthermore, the department surgeons have unique experience and knowledge in thoracic surgery in children and adolescents.

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